Daya Sani-ware Mfy., Ltd, established in 1995

DAYA SANI-WARE MFY., LTD, was established in Shantou (China) in 1995, and set up a plant in Huaian (China) in 2017. With unremitting efforts in the past 24 years, we have attracted customers from 26 countries, securing DAYA with a global reputation in the fields of sanitary, including shower enclosures, polymarble shower trays, resin wash basins.

With mature experience for 24 years, our working environment is flexible and team-orientated, while at the same time adapt to our customers' needs, and providing the highest quality service. Covering 48,000 m² on three floors with the latest technical production equipment, based on the CE certification and the production capacity of 20,000 pieces per month, we can supply the prompt delivery to our customers from all the European market.

As a dynamic company we exert ourselves for providing a tailor-made manufacturing service from design concept through to cost-effective production. With sharp market insight, DAYA can follow the latest industrial trend, create good products which can fit the current markets. As a supplier, we have the opportunity to create our own product lines as well as engaging in the projects for the third party.

To design and manufacture top quality products which offers choice for all markets. DAYA, a professional manufacturer devoting to technology, innovation and high quality. We look forward to cooperating with you!


Headquarters & Factory A

No.16-02-3 Jinyuan industrial town, Chaoshan Rd.,

Shantou City, Guangdong Province, China

Factory B

No.428 Shenhua Avenue, Licheng Town, Jinhu County,

Huaian City, Jiangsu Province, China

Contact Information

Tel: +86-754-83936189 +86-754-83936223

+86-754-83936290 +86-754-83936287

Fax: +86-754-83936238

Postal Code: 515021



ADD: NO.16-02-3 Jinyuan industrial town, Chaoshan Rd., Shantou City, Guangdong Province, China

TEL: +86-754-83936290      FAX: +86-754-83936238


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